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Fernando Escaffi, MBA, The Mortgage Broker And Conversion Master

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Another thing I love about being a mortgage broker is encapsulated by what this episode’s guest said about having flexibility, freedom and nimbleness – it allows them to pivot for their borrowers and gives them an unfair advantage over non-brokers.

In this episode of Build-A-Broker, we’ll be meeting the conversion master himself, Fernando Escaffi, MBA, Co-Founder and COO at PrimeLine Capital, Inc. We’re going to talk about his tech stack, we'll talk about the power of working with a partner that compliments your skills and abilities, and we’re going to get some scripting ideas from the top-performing scripts that Fernando’s originators use to hold their place as LendingTree’s highest converting lender.

Tune in now, and welcome to Build-A-Broker™️: The Journey, airing every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

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Jul 27, 2022