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In light of COVID-19, we have begun to live a new norm. Zoom calls have usurped face-to-face...Read more
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Home prices are going to drop less than expected through October. That’s the consensus of a new...Read more
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Homeowners spent a lot more time at their residences after stay-at-home orders were enacted due to...Read more
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The government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) have released consumer-facing tools and resources to...Read more
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As “stay-in-place” orders due to COVID-19 begin to lift regionally, Zillow Group has resumed buying...Read more
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Zillow Group has resumed homebuying in four markets. It is also launching a health safety...Read more
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Homeward has secured capital growth of $105 million with $20 million in equity and $85 million in...Read more
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The COVID-19 pandemic has given over 50% of Americans the opportunity to work from home due to stay...Read more
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Homeowners and renters impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic now have a new resource to access the most...Read more
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The practice of predatory lending can often times rear its head during instances of crisis, such as...Read more