Credit-Ready Borrowers Close Faster!

REC. Apr 29, 2021

Get ready: the mortgage market is about to become more competitive than ever. Fewer borrowers chasing a limited number of homes and elongated buying – and financing – cycles. We all know time kills deals. We’ll show you how to productively kill time with a Credit-Ready strategy, and close more loans.

The strategy: Keep borrowers Credit-Ready with CreditXpert. Credit-Readiness may be a new concept, yet the idea is simple. Help your borrowers understand their credit situation the first time you meet them. Show them how a few analytics-based actions that they can take put them in a better position to qualify for the best possible financing. Engage with your borrowers on their Credit-Readiness throughout the mortgage process. Credit-Readiness helps you close more loans. It also helps you build relationships with borrowers that lead to future loans and more referrals.

You already have access to the technology behind Credit-Readiness. Our presenters, two of the industry’s Credit-Ready experts, will talk about the importance of this strategy, the technology, how relatively easy it is to implement and the benefits it delivers for lenders and borrowers alike.

  • Understand Credit-Readiness: The Process and the Technology
  • Learn about the technology that every lender has access to today and the role Credit-Readiness plays in the high-performance lending operations that close more loans, and close them quickly.
  • See how borrowers and lenders benefit from a Credit-Ready strategy, and from keeping borrowers’ credit-ready.
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.