How to Qualify Foreign National Borrowers with Acra Lending's Investor Cash-Flow Program

REC. Dec 01, 2021

Qualify Foreign National investors easily utilizing Acra Lending’s Investor Cash flow Program. This unique program is tailored specifically for Non-Resident Aliens who do not live or work within the United States. No credit history is required with LTV’s up to 70% purchase / 65% Refi. No reserve requirement for the subject property and no minimum DSCR requirement. Twelve months reserves are required for the monthly negative cash-flow amount if applicable. A valid Passport or Visa is required. Investor properties only. Power of Attorney is acceptable.

1. Overview of Investor Cash Flow program and who can qualify
2. Types of property and loan amounts
3. Types of credit references that can be used
4. Marketing to these types of borrowers

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