Meet the Homeseeker, 2023’s Most Important Borrower

REC. Apr 20, 2023

More than a new year, it’s an entirely new mortgage environment for lenders and potential homebuyers. Neither has seen a housing market quite like this. The best way to build a plan for 2023: start by asking this year’s potential homebuyers who they are and how they will choose their lender.

Join CreditXpert, the data science company that helps lenders and borrowers optimize mortgage credit scores, as it presents the findings from its just published consumer research. With an emphasis on homeseekers, those potential buyers who plan to purchase a home in the next 12 months, this important new information offers lenders valuable insights into the changing demographics, attitudes, and sentiments of consumers who want to own homes, but need their help with financing.

Join Mike Darne, VP of Marketing, CreditXpert as he discusses how to:

1) Gain up-to-date information on the housing market from the perspective of those who have refinanced and purchased homes within the last 12 months, plus those planning to purchase a home in the coming year.

2) Meet homeseekers, those consumers who plan to purchase a home in the next 12 months, and why they are THE potential borrowers that matter most.

3) Gain valuable insight into homeseeker demographics, with an emphasis on where the greatest mortgage opportunities are in 2023.

4) Learn what is important to homeseekers, both rationally and emotionally, and how they will choose their mortgage lender.

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