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Bad news about today's conference call with Brian Sacks

Andrew T Berman
Jun 24, 2009

I just got word from Brian Sacks that the free webinar he and I are conducting today at 2 p.m. EDT is just about sold out. Actually the 200 spots are all gone but sometimes people who sign up have last minute issues and don’t make it so he said we could take another 10-20 spots for you or your personal contacts. Here’s the details in case you missed it. The title of the teleclass is: "Ever Wonder Why Some Originators And Company Owners Consistently Earn 6 Figure Incomes Even During Meltdowns? Why Some Make Even More Money During Times Like These?" “DISCOVER THE 10 MISSING “SECRET INGREDIENTS” THAT TOP MORTGAGE PRODUCERS KNOW ... NOT KNOWING THESE SECRETS MAY BE HOLDING YOU BACK FROM EARNING THE MAXIMUM INCOME IN MINIMUM TIME WHILE STILL HAVING TIME TO ENJOY LIFE.” And here is exactly what Brian and I will be covering.  A formula that Brian has perfected and successfully tested that has buyers sold on using your services BEFORE they even meet with you- very smart! Who the easiest customer for your service is and how to get them. The big mistake most of us are making with your marketing and how to quickly and easily correct it. Some ideas on what to do right now if you have a marketing budget of zero. What a 4 Legged Marketing Stool is and how to use it to generate new business consistently – regardless of market conditions. Why most ads we do don’t produce and what to do instead – best of all it’s free. This is a tactic few originators ever use but Brian has mastered it. There’s more but I don’t have the room to cover it here. So if you are interested, and if there are still spots available (he only reserved 200 lines) go ahead and grab a seat at and make sure you put it in your planner. You’ll need to be at your computer since this is an on-line class. Cheers, Andrew Berman Executive Vice President National Mortgage Professional Magazine PS: Here is that link again to make sure you reserve your spot
Jun 24, 2009