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Handshake Your Way to Closing Deals

Anthony V. Locasio
Mar 22, 2011

When it comes to networking, the handshake is the first way to receive immediate and credible information as to the person you are greeting. Below are only a few handshakes which you will notice and provide you more knowledge of the person to allow you to potentially readjust your pitch, presentation or discussion. ►The Rocky: This shake takes your hand with great strength and dominates by twisting the wrist placing your hand is directly under his. Your hand is in a submissive position as the greeter is quite confident expecting to be impressed or convinced of your product or position. Closely mirror his or her demeanor and readjust your pitch in a more succinct presentation getting “right to the heart” of your position or product quickly to satisfy the interest of this dominant fast thinker. If you have truly reached this person with your adjusted presentation, upon leaving you will notice a change in the shake where in grasp is less aggressive and the position of hands becomes more level and equal. ►The Pancake: This shake is the opposite of The Rocky. The greeter will extend their hand in the bottom position with their palm facing up, allowing you to take the superior position with your palm facing down upon theirs. This is a submissive shake, where in the greeter is less confident and should be presented to in a slower more detailed fashion so as they can gain more confidence in your product (or in you) as they process all the specific details you provide. Thus, take your time. ►The Ladyfingers:  Appropriate in social settings, The Ladyfingers is the traditional woman’s handshake where the woman gives only her four fingers to the receiver with her thumb touching the back of the receiver’s fingers. In networking functions, ladies, please avoid this type of shake, instead concentrate on a web-to-web shake when the web between your thumb and forefinger touches the same web on the receiver. In a world lacking in certain equalities, by shaking Web-to-Web, you will establish equal “footing” quickly with your hands. ►The Deadfish: Typically encountered in males. Probably the most noticeable and unforgettable when received. The hand is extended in a limp and weak fashion; it barley shows any sign of strength or even life as it flops dead in your palm. Using this handshake demonstrates either insecurity or, most often, disinterest and lack of enjoyment. Never use a deadfish, and be wary of those that do; you may be better served to keep this discussion short and move on as the deadfisher is generally not interested or concerned. Anthony V. Locasio Esq. is managing partner of the Red Bank, N.J. office of The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese & Barletti. He may be reached by phone at (732) 936-9901, e-mail [email protected] or visit
Mar 22, 2011