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New LO Compensation: Make Loans Not War

Scott Schang
Mar 18, 2011

I am probably not the best person to rehash or explain the logic behind the two hour webinar offered by the Federal Reserve yesterday. My attention deficit disorder kicked in after about 5 seconds and all I could think about was the opportunity this was going to create for those with eyes to see. To me, the webinar felt like a 2 hour interrogation session in a third world prison somewhere with some military figure type trying to get me to admit that I violated some ambiguous law and that I’m guilty… I just don’t know it yet. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad, I mean, I “get it”. I see what they are trying to accomplish. I get that the road to socialism is paved with good intentions. I guess they are doing a good job implementing a bad idea…I guess. Let me get back to the opportunity that thankfully distracted me from the propaganda campaign of this new regime. An angle to all of this that is ripe with opportunity is the reward for loan officers that actually love what they do. Follow me here, if when this goes through, the playing field is leveled April 1st. Just as we saw the implementation of NMLS weed out the uncommitted, this again will be an opportunity for you to shine as a true professional. Your income is not dictated by a federal law, but determined by the amount of trust you earn in each and every transaction. When everyone is bound by the same “rules”, what makes you stand out is your passion, your professionalism, your problem solving ability, and your ability to build quality relationships built on trust…not rates and fees. Anyone that gets most of their business from referrals will tell you this. Here is what is NOT changing. Homes will be bought and sold. Agents will need a lender they trust. Loans will be originated and closed. Let your competition curse this evil law until their throats are hoarse and their will is broken. Let them sulk and sully into the sunset and onto another career that is not so dependent on bringing value to each and every relationship. Ask yourself, do your clients do business with you because of your rates and fees or do they choose to do business with you because they trust you above all others? It is not the end of the world as we know it, this is the beginning of the world as you make it. Put your client’s needs before your own. Be passionate about bringing value to your referral partners. Look for the opportunity in everything. And make loans, not war. Scott Schang is Branch Manager at Broadview Mortgage, Katella Branch. He can be reached at 714-336-8286 or via the Homeownership University.
Mar 18, 2011