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That online class I told you about

Andrew T Berman
Jun 18, 2009

Earlier this week I wrote to you about a call I got Brian Sacks to do for my VIPs and readers. Didn’t have all the details then but he just sent them to me so here they are. TOPIC: Ever Wonder Why Some Originators And Company Owners Consistently Earn 6 Figure Incomes Even During Meltdowns? Why Some Make Even More Money During Times Like These? “Discover the 10 missing “SECRET INGREDIENTS” that top Mortgage Producers know. Not knowing these secrets may be holding you back from earning the maximum income while still having the time to enjoy life”   Date: Wednesday, June 24th 2:00 – 3:30 EDT (check for your area) Register at Your hosts:: Andrew Berman and Brian Sacks Make Sure You Are At A Computer –This will be an online class.   I’ve known Brian for many years so you are in for a real treat. I used a little of my own influence with him and got him to agree to give you – my loyal subscribers some extra “goodies” you can use to grow your production – Right NOW! Cheers,   Andrew Berman Executive Vice President` National Mortgage Professsional Magazine PS- The link to grab your spot is Brian has reserved 200 lines for our subscribers. Problem is this is going out to all my readers so make sure you grab your spot now – This isn’t one of those things you can “get around” to doing because someone else may take your seat.
Jun 18, 2009