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We need your help!

Andrew T Berman
Nov 05, 2012

 Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts and prayers you've send to the NMP team and their families. Some of us have taken on some property damage, but it's all stuff that can be replaced. Sadly, there a lot of homeless families and while the death toll is at 110 as of 10:00 am EST this morning, we expect that to rise based on what we're hearing. I talked to a friend of mine whose house was demolished by the storm while he and his family were in it. While the storm was happening and they saw water rising to the second floor and got ready to move to the attic. This really touched my heart when he told me this. He said "You have no idea how hard it is to see your daughter cry uncontrollably while she watches the only home she knows get destroyed and is fearful of her life as the water keeps rising and rising." We're asking the mortgage industry to please lend a helping hand to help New York's families get back on their feet. Of course we always suggest you give to well known charities like Red Cross and Salvation Army, however we're dedicating our resources to local charities that will have more of a direct impact on the communities geographically and emotionally close to us. Here are some of the charities we're focusing on: City of Long Beach Relief  1 West Chester Street  Long Beach, NY 11561 Island Harvest, Long Island’s largest hunger relief organization Most of all, we looking for help for my hometown, Island Park. This is a small waterfront community with a lot of working class families. This charity is called theYoung Families of Island Park Hurricane Relief which specifically helps families (any type of "family") that meet this criteria: At least one child under 18 years of age All or a significant part of their house or apartment is uninhabitable Need temporary housing while house is rebuilt OR while the family seeks new residence Must be able to provide proof of residence in Island Park I know there are a lot of areas that were destroyed, however you can help us have a greater impact on one community by generously donating to the Young Families of Island Park Hurricane Relief. Your donation will help to provide as many of these families with a single payment of $1,000 for temporary housing. Please make your donation in any amount here. Nothing will ever take away those memories that are in etched into the poor young children's memories, however you can at least help wipe away some of these tears by helping to provide any assistance to these young families. SIDE NOTE: I know some of you who know that I've sold my interest in NMP are saying "Did Andrew come back?" I am just sending this communication on behalf of the team here to reach out to the industry that I've known and loved for 20 years to help the very unfortunate families who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Feel free to call me directly at 516-784-4840 with any questions.
Nov 05, 2012