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June 2021

Not Throwing Away My Shot

When Private Investment Capital investors stepped back, what did RCN Capital do to survive? Plus we look at downward pressure on commissions, the growing amount of home buyer’s remorse and who the top non-QM players are today.

Jeff Tesch, CEO of RCN Capital, stands smiling after overcoming a year of uncertainty.
Cover Story
Inside A Year Of Uncertainty

The lessons one private lender learned during COVID are laying the groundwork for how it operates going forward.

Jeffrey Tesch
A new homebuyer stands in their home, regretful of their purchase.
Borrower’s Remorse

Nearly two-thirds of millennials have new homebuyer regrets, survey finds

Mortgage Banker Magazine
Mike Eshelman
Perfect Harmony

How lenders can create a better customer experience by combining multiple technologies

Mortgage Banker Magazine
The Story Of Your Success
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Average commissions
LO Comp Punctured In Q1

Mortgage Loan Compensation Report shows slight decrease in basis points paid

Mortgage Banker Magazine
A young millennial man and woman are painting their newly bought home.
The Millennial Mortgage Mess

We knew that they would be different. So now what?

Rob Chrisman
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