Mortgage Women Magazine
March 2023

Beauty And The Basis Point

Alexandra Rivera Berrios, Beauty Pageant Contestant And MLO Keeps On Selling, Even Backstage; Andrea Lightfoot Is A 'Force To Be Reckoned With'; Be Brave! Acting on a whim can have satisfying results (honest); Curiosity Gets Results; Pros, Cons Of The Three Ways Mortgage Companies Get Paid; AI: A Great Tool (With Limitations); A License Renewal Program That Works; Practice Self-Care So You Don't End Up Running On Empty; and Mortgage Women Magazine celebrates success of women in the mortgage industry with our 2023 Leading LOs.

Mortgage Barbie
Cover Story
Mortgage Barbie, Not Just A Pretty Face

Beauty pageant contestant and MLO keeps on selling, even backstage

Steve Goode
2023 Leading LOs
Taking The Lead

Celebrating the diversity and success of women in the mortgage industry

Mortgage Moms — Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness, Confused Yet?

Practice self-care so you don’t end up running on empty

Ashley Gravano
The Story Of Your Success
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License Renewal Program That Works
A License Renewal Program That Works

Your renewal season will be here before you know it. Do you have a program in place?

Vanessa Bodnar
AI: A Great Tool
AI: A Great Tool (With Limitations)

If companies aren’t embracing it, they need to ASAP

Rosalie Berg
Where the money comes from
Where The Money Comes From

Pros, cons of the three ways mortgage companies get paid

Victoria DeLuce
Curiosity Gets Results
Curiosity Gets Results

It is one of the most vital and life-affirming qualities you can bring to your life

Tina Asher
Andria Lightfoot
Fighting For Empathy And Technology

Andria Lightfoot is a ‘force to be reckoned with’

Laura Brandao
Be Brave!
Be Brave! Try New Things

Acting on a whim can have satisfying results (honest)

Ashley Gravano
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