Mortgage Women Magazine
February 2022

Recruiting Success

In this issue, Adenna Huggins describes her experiences and goals for recruiting in the mortgage industry; Windy Lafond talks about her challenges and successes as a loan signing agent; and we look at how to prioritize your Yes projects over your Nos — plus more.

Adenna Huggins
Cover Story
Relationships are the key to a long and successful career

Adenna Huggins discusses her experience as a recruiter in the mortgage industry

Laura Brandao
Demystifying Annual Loan-Limit Increases
Demystifying Annual Loan-Limit Increases

Pulling back the curtain on the ins and outs of annual increases

Chrissy Brown
Windy Lafond
The Pursuit Of The American Dream

Windy Lafond Honors Her mother’s legacy while making Her own mark on the industry

Katie Jensen
The Story Of Your Success
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The Housing Market Is In Trouble
The Housing Market Is In trouble

Can increasing the LLPAs on Second Homes and Jumbos help?

Tyna-Minet Anderson
Identifying Opportunities To Save Costs
Identifying Opportunities To Save Costs

Digging deeper for better understanding

Chrissy Brown
Are You Living Your Life On A Treadmill?
Are You Living Your Life on a Treadmill?

Answer these 3 questions to learn more.

Tina Asher
Ask the experts
A Reflection Of The Small Things That Made A Big Difference In 2021

A group of professionals answer the question: what’s the BEST thing they did last year that you can consider doing too?

Sue Woodard

Change is scary and exciting, and something many of us dread.

Ashley Gravano
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