September 2021

2021 Most Loved Employers

NMP invited mortgage companies to let their employees vote on how well they’re doing. In this edition, we tally what those workers had to say about the Most Loved Mortgage Employers. Plus, columnist Lew Sichelman lays out why originators are missing a lucrative payday with renovation loans; we look at how to differentiate your company when recruits focus only on your commission plan; how to build a brand based on emotion; and whether mortgage conferences for women are getting better.

NMP Magazine’s 2021 Most Loved Employers
Cover Story
NMP Magazine
3 painted faces showing various emotions.
The Emotional Components Of Branding

What emotions does your brokerage evoke, and how can you use them in developing your brand?

Sales and Marketing
NMP Magazine
Two loan officers discuss the "magic question" of rates.
Answering The Magic Question

The more you focus on the commission “split,” the more you have turned your job into a commodity.

Sales and Marketing
Dave Hershman
The Story Of Your Success
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A woman speaker gives a talk at a mortgage conference
The Female Factor

The Rise of Women-Focused Events in the Mortgage Industry (Sort of)

Erica LaCentra
Two mortgage brokers play baseball inside an office.
Think Of It As Broker Sandlot

Kids’ Sports Hold Lessons For Business

Harvey Mackay
A painted track showing the numbers of the coming years.
Keep The Plan On Track

Process, Practicality and Priorities: How does your company stack up?

Mary Kay Scully
3D rendering of planned remodeling to be done through renovation loans.
Are Originators Overlooking The Remodeling Sector?

Freddie Mac sees it. The Harvard Joint Center recognizes it. And at least one giant bank is on to it, too. The question is: Are you?

Lew Sichelman
NMP Magazine

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