November 2021

Inspirational Women In Mortgage

NMP unveils the 2021 roster of Women of Inspiration in the mortgage industry. Plus, just how aggressive are regulators planning to get? Why Tik Tok is a possible time bomb for marketers, how better forecasting leads to better mortgage brokerages and an appreciation of the producing branch manager.

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Cover Story
NMP’s Mortgage Lending Women of Inspiration, 2021

Professionals that make us want to be better ourselves.

NMP Magazine
A woman mortgage manager stands with her arms crossed.
Why You Are Lucky to Be A Manager in The Mortgage Industry

Responsibility brings its own set of challenges – and rewards.

Dave Hershman
A long road with many hills.
Endurance Wins The Day

Success is never assured, but quitting will assure it is never achieved.

Harvey Mackay
The Story Of Your Success
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Regulator riding a horse in a saddle.
Regulators Are Back In The Saddle

There’s not only a new sherriff in town, it’s a whole gang of them.

Regulation and Compliance
Lew Sichelman
3D Render of the TikTok logo
Tok Of The Town? Or A Ticking Bomb?

The Rise Of TikTok In The Mortgage Industry

Sales and Marketing
Erica LaCentra
A team plays together aiming for the same goal.
The Name Of The Game Is Teamwork

Everyone's got to work toward the same goal, and for the same good.

Mary Kay Scully
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