June 2021

The Lure of Latinx

How Hispanic demographics are remaking mortgage lending; the perils of picking the wrong partner; Nick Roberson's pillow talk; and second-home mortgages on the decline.

Latino homeowners
Cover Story
Hablar Espanol: Your Next Client Is Likely To Be Hispanic

But mortgage lenders aren’t yet prepared for big demographic shift

Lew Sichelman
Broader Perspective
Eye, Eye Sir

When I widened my perspective, solutions seemed to fall into place.

Harvey Mackay
Too Much Business
Balancing The Busy

What do you do when you’ve got too much business?

Mary Kay Scully
The Story Of Your Success
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Partnership Choices
What's Involved In Starting A Partnership?

Building a brokerage with another person takes some careful thought

Nellie Akalp
Conference meeting
Face It: Prepping For Live Events

There’s still a national crisis. But mortgage conferences are returning. Here’s how to prepare.

Erica LaCentra
Time management
Time, And Time Again

Recruiters say time is their worst enemy. Here’s how to change that.

Dave Hershman
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