July 2020

Stearn Lessons

Your all-new National Mortgage Professional focuses on industry legend Glenn Stearns as he tries to start a new company based on a foundation of kindness. We also have perspectives from top coaches on balancing too much work and too little time. As well as a special focus on social media.

Glenn Stearns, CEO of Kind Lending, standing joyously above a lake.
Cover Story
Killing It With Kindness

Glenn Stearns thinks he can return to the highest ranks of the mortgage business with a new focus on kindness with Kind Lending.

Keith Griffin
A pair of hands holds a smartphone surrounded by cutout chat bubbles
Your Greatest Asset Is Your Contact Database

There’s no need to spend more; use your tools wisely

Adam P. Smith
An image of a customer texting his agent about refinancing his home.
Six Tips On How To Boost Your Social Media Network

By thinking outside the box and focusing on achieving your goals, you can grow your network and boost your business.

Sarah DeCiantis
The Story Of Your Success
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Hands holding a clapperboard, used to cue scenes on video sets, on an orange and white background
How To Become A Video Marketing Master

Brokers and originators can create high-quality videos with this basic boot camp

Ben Holland
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