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How To Become A Video Marketing Master

Brokers and originators can create high-quality videos with this basic boot camp

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Ben Holland
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Your personality is the best asset to create original videos.

Video marketing has become one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to connect with their audience, because we use video for everything from entertainment to information. Moreover, videos can be deeply personal. They are a way for people to connect directly to you, not just through a profile, or a picture.

Additionally, customers enjoy ease of use, and nothing is easier to understand than a video. Not to mention that YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide and 79% of Internet users have their own YouTube account.

Most of all, video is fun and our obsession with it is only growing. So, why isn’t it the first tactic you turn to when you begin marketing?

‍Don't Ignore This Opportunity

It’s important to remember that not all clients are the same. Our customers learn in different ways. Many are audio or visual learners, and unless you are using video, you will never reach this particular audience …and let me tell you there are a lot of us. Not to mention, video ads on some platforms such as Facebook actually get a better click-through-rate. Finally, video is easier than ever to use yourself. Anyone can produce a relatively good video simply by picking up their phone and following a few tips.

Make Engaging Videos

Your videos need to be concise. To maximize the value your videos provide, you need to get to the point. Many content creators make videos without considering a plan first. Ask yourself why you’re making a video, and consider what you want to tell the consumer. There has to be a reason for them to continue watching.

Make sure you focus on the first 10 seconds and give your audience something of value in the beginning. Don’t ramble … no one is going to watch all of that. Make sure your videos are concise and to the point.

Even with technology as amazing as it is, people can still create videos that viewers don’t want to see. You don’t need a full crew to prepare your video, but if your screen is blurry or it’s too dark, your user is not having a great experience. In general, if you follow these steps you will be able to create a good video.

  • Use natural lighting (when possible)
  • Lift the camera above your head
  • Prepare a script, or know what you want to say
  • Don’t be afraid to have multiple takes

If you want some great examples of successful videos, you only have to look up Tasty’s recipe videos (Tasty. co). They accomplish exactly what they set out to do. Tasty understands that their audience won’t sit through a long recipe video, so instead, they create short form videos that their audience can consume.

How To Create Original Content

Your personality is the best asset to create original videos. Your individuality is a huge reason why many people are going to click on your videos. If you’re hesitating to create videos because you don’t have any ideas that you like, simply getting started is the first step. You’ll want to become more familiar with the medium and learn how to use it. The more that you experiment, the more that the ideas are going to flow. There are a ton of different types of videos that you can consider creating when you are planning your own video marketing campaign …

  • Slice of life: YouTube is largely popular because of the viral videos that have taken off and the slice of life content. Slice of life is a way to make a personal statement using video and really connect with your audience. An example can be anything from a “get ready with me” video to a vacation vlog. Consider turning the camera on and sharing your life with your audience and customers. It will endear you to your clients and improve your chances of capturing them as a customer.
  • Educational: There is a large appetite out there for educational content in the mortgage industry. If you’re producing video for a mortgage company or you’re a an independent loan officer, your audience is going to love these videos. The mortgage process is complicated. If you can provide insight into the industry, it is going to be very helpful. Discuss some different loan products that you offer, or perhaps you can outline the mortgage process from beginning to end. The more resources you are able to provide for your customers, the happier they are going to be in the end.
  • Copy the competition: Although copyright infringement is never a good idea, it is a good idea to study your competition. Check out the videos they are making and try to mimic them without ripping them off completely. To avoid being too similar, add your own spin or improve the videos in some way. Look at the competitors’ content and create a better version of it.

Use Multiple Platforms to Share Your Videos

When you are promoting your videos, it is important that you use a multi-channel approach and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. In particular, you need to know about the two main video platforms: Vimeo and YouTube. Vimeo is a great platform for high-quality and professional videos. With Vimeo, you are able to acquire better tracking data than YouTube.YouTube is the more popular platform and has a higher audience reach. You may have an easier time capturing new clients using YouTube, but Vimeo will help you understand what content is doing well and why. Using both allows you to optimize your video production and give you more value.

‍What Are Some Common Mistakes?

If you are able to catch these common mistakes, you will be light years ahead of your competition. One of the first mistakes is not branding your videos. Assume that your video will be the first interaction a potential customer has with your brand. You want them to remember you and brand awareness is a huge reason why you are using video as a marketing tool. Don’t forget this important element.

SEO credit is also going to be important if you want your videos to rank in Google’s search engines. In order to do this, you need to make sure that you transcribe your video. This will give Google an idea about the video’s content when it crawls the web. In addition, make sure that your videos have subtitles. 82% of Facebook videos are watched on silent. Without subtitles, this majority of the audience will never understand the message in your videos.

Now Is Your Chance

Everyone should begin using video as a marketing tool. It is going to have a real, guaranteed impact on your audience. With the growing millennial market and decreasing consumer attention spans, it’s important that you create content that will connect with your audience. More and more, consumers are looking online for services, so it is important that you meet them there with educational and helpful content. As long as you are following these simple steps, you can create some high-quality content that will resonate with your audience.

Close more loans, be more efficient, stay out of trouble.

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This article was originally published in the NMP Magazine July 2020 issue.
Ben Holland headshot
Ben Holland

Ben Holland is currently vice president of marketing for On Q Financial. As a digital marketer with 15 years of experience, he helps large and small businesses improve leads and conversion.

Published on
Jul 16, 2020
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