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How to handle the foreign accent

National Mortgage Professional
Jun 27, 2005

GATORS takes a bite out of the settlement processmortgagepress.comsettlement services, automated management system, GATORS 4.0 General American Corporation (GAC) has rolled out GATORS 4.0, which allows title agents, vendor managers and other settlement services providers to track, process and produce all settlement services transactions from order entry through delivery and closing. GATORS improves the current automated management system by letting users track bundled settlement transactions and measure vendor rankings through a point system based on criteria such as technology, fees, service and quality. The upgrade includes a title curative management system, which will formally track issues against a title commitment passing over to the settlement statement. GATORS 4.0 also features the ability to monitor contact information for commonly-used parties involved in transactions, and allows users to access GATORS from any computer with Internet access. Other supplemental improvements to be found within GATORS 4.0 include: auto-invoicing for products, customizable work flow tools, restoration of voided escrow checks, capability to function with multiple open windows, and the ability to interface with other platforms without a need for programmers. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, General American Corporation is a full-service mortgage settlement company. For more information, call (800) 648-8617 or visit
Jun 27, 2005
NewRez Introduces 1% Down Mortgages

RezSource targeted to low-income borrowers and first-time homebuyers.

Dec 04, 2023
Emmy-Winning Director Takes Viewers Inside the World of Mortgage Originators in 'LO Confidential'

New reality series offers a glimpse of the mortgage industry's challenges.

Nov 30, 2023
Shake Things Up In 2024

Embrace change and revitalize your brand for lasting impact

Nov 20, 2023
Luxury Home Prices Hit Highest Third-Quarter Level Ever

Redfin report says the market segment might soon cool, though.

Nov 06, 2023
Tales From The 100-Acre Wood

Be more like Winnie and less like Eeyore to increase business

Nov 02, 2023
Burrowing Into Borrowers' Brains

Getting insight into borrowers' needs builds better relationships and more closings

Nov 02, 2023