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Building a marketing plan--utilizing the Internet and advanced technology

National Mortgage Professional
Feb 02, 2005

SharperLending finds an ally in ComplianceEasemortgagepress.comSharperLending, ComplianeEase, ComplianceAnalyzer SharperLending LLC has expanded its automated compliance offerings through an alliance with ComplianceEase. ComplianceAnalyzer (CA), ComplianceEase's Web-based automated compliance system, will be integrated with the SharperLending platform. ComplianceEase's CA is a decisioning system that automates regulatory compliance processes, with particular focus on federal, state, local and municipal high-cost and anti-predatory lending regulations. Additionally, CA ensures that government-sponsored enterprises, Truth in Lending, RESPA and HOEPA requirements are met during origination. The rules-based engine interfaces with the SharperLending platform to provide loan summary reports and analyses to lenders at the point of sale. SharperLending customers can access all relevant ancillary services to originate loans at a single location, and ComplianceEase's CA ensures that the loan is in compliance with anti-predatory lending laws. The SharperLending platform has multi-user collaboration, data gathering, application processing and decisioning capabilities, as well as the functionality to bundle all closing services together at a single point of entry. Headquartered in Spokane, Wash., SharperLending provides mortgage technology services. For more information, call (800) 452-1174 or visit Headquartered in San Francisco, ComplianceEase provides business solutions to the financial services industry. For more information, call (866) 212-EASE or visit
Feb 02, 2005
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