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Aug 14, 2006 facelift attracting brokers to small commercialMatt CascarinoInterBay, Web site, small commercial lending Early last year, InterBay Funding's Web site went under the knife in order to become more interactive and user-friendly for mortgage brokers. Several nips and tucks later, has become as integral to the commercial loan process as a 1003 and credit report. In the past, small commercial Web sites were simply a place to check out the latest rates and download application forms. But mortgage brokers are demanding more from their lenders and want marketing tools to help generate leads. They want sales guidance to turn those prospects into applications. Sometimes, they just want to learn what others are doing to become more successful. InterBay knows this, which is why arms mortgage brokers with everything they need to build their small commercial business. Driving the business In residential, we've recently been through a period where making huge sums of money required little more than a working phone line and a pulse. But small commercial is different. Borrowers are not lighting up the switchboards because many simply don't know where to go for financing. That's why brokers must actively market for small commercial deals. provides all of the marketing tools that brokers need to build a pipeline with their free "Small Commercial Lending Marketing Guide." Whether you're canvassing a small business district, or launching a direct mail campaign, InterBay's marketing guide contains customizable collateral material for virtually any audience. It's one thing to slip your business card into a generic brochure, but having your contact information printed directly onto your marketing material speaks much more loudly. That's exactly what the marketing guide is designed to help you do: Get their attention! Compelling visuals and copy positions brokers as the source for small business owners and commercial property investors who are looking for financing. The marketing guide also takes your promotional material beyond the brochure with postcards, direct mail letters, presentations and more ... all customizable for your business. Of course none of it holds any value if you don't know your target market. That's why InterBay offers options for purchasing qualified lead lists. These list providers enable mortgage brokers to mail, canvass and telemarket small business owners. Even if you don't have time to manage a full-scale direct mail campaign, there is an all-inclusive marketing package available that contains a lead list, postcards, mailing services and outbound telemarketing. So whether you're starting small with grassroots efforts or are employing more advanced marketing methods, can help you drive in more small commercial business. Selling the deal It doesn't matter if you are new to small commercial or a seasoned professional, selling the deal to prospective borrowers can be challenging. Perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome is the fact that many commercial borrowers expect to experience the same loan process when they bought or refinanced their home. What they don't know is that they have as much chance of paying for a quality commercial appraisal with a few hundred dollars as they do with a handful of magic beans. can help you sell the commercial loan process with the EasyCash Pre-Approval Package. This feature gets its name from the EasyCash Loan Program, a brand created by InterBay that enables mortgage brokers to sell their stated-income/asset loan programs without mentioning InterBay by name. The pre-approval package is designed to assist brokers with selling the often foreign and complex terms and conditions of a commercial loan in common, everyday language. Brokers create the package on by entering loan data from their InterBay Conditional Loan Pre-Approval. In just a few clicks, the system generates all the paperwork necessary to educate the borrower, collect the check for the appraisal, and keep the deal moving through the pipeline. Not only does the pre-approval package have a clean, professional look and feel, but statistics show that a significantly higher percentage of deals are being sold with the package than without it. Hitting the blog The newest enhancement on is the InterBay Blog. For those of you who are still getting the hang of e-mail, a blog is a forum where people communicate and share their thoughts on various topics. InterBay's blog enables brokers to comment on InterBay-related items and read contributions from their peers in the mortgage industry. So whether you want to suggest a program enhancement or declare a recent small commercial victory, is the place to let your voice be heard. With everything you need to succeed in small commercial lending, can give your business a whole new look too. However, the phone won't ring unless you take action. The first step is logging on and taking a look around. You'll quickly find what thousands of mortgage brokers are using to become more successful every day. Of course, if you're feeling nostalgic, has current rates too. Matt Cascarino is a marketing manager for Fort Washington, Pa.-based InterBay Funding LLC. He consults with mortgage brokers in the United States and Canada on their small commercial sales and marketing efforts. He may be reached by e-mail at [email protected]
Aug 14, 2006
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