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BrooksAmerica launches online tool

Jul 09, 2006

The advantages of trainingJoe Cornotraining, seminars, instructors To keep from tooting my own horn, let me express that there are many professional and excellent training businesses in our industry. As you look through the various industry magazines and attend the shows and free presentations, you come across talented and knowledgeable individuals. I am discussing actually paying for training in this article. The free presentations are a good start. They are usually from two to three hours in length and share some tidbits of information to attract your business toward the trainer, the sponsor of the event or both. The free trainings are focused on getting data. Your address, phone number and e-mail address are your payment, allowing the training company and sponsor to market you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see if a certain course or instructor would be a good fit for you. There are three types of training professionals: the motivator, the coach and the trainer. Sometimes you see a combination of two or more in an individual; but in the interest of simplicity, let me break the three down. The motivator is the type that flies in, runs up through the audience, jumps up on the stage and exclaims, "It's great to be alive!" He shares stories and jokes and pumps up the audience so that we all feel like fantastic originators. He concludes by telling you that his and the sponsor's products are fantastic. Then, he flies away. There's very little substance there, but you are now juiced up and ready to tackle the loan world. The issue here is that we are not all fantastic originators. Why are you attending the free presentation if you are fantastic? Fantastic top producers do not attend free presentations. They pay someone to assist in their improvement and development. This brings us to the coach who, for a monthly fee, will introduce you to other realms of the industry. He routinely communicates with you and shows you ways to improve your bottom line and your loan quality and quantity. He evaluates what you are doing now and shows you ways to improve upon existing tools. He sells you more advanced tools that are even better than what you are using currently. He is, in essence, a counselor. He helps you understand who you are and how you can identify your goals. He asks the "how" and "why" questions of your existence and explores options for you to take. The coach goes at your pace and urges you to take action, making you responsible for and accountable to yourself. Eventually, you will outgrow him, and he will understand. The trainer tends to be a combination of both the motivator and coach. However, he is paid to come in and simply create an environment that is conducive to success. After all, no one can place motivation into someone. The trainer will not jump up on stage and yell out, "It's great to be alive!" Rather, he will demonstrate how great life is by supplying proven tools and systems. The trainer does not have months to counsel. In one or possibly two days, the trainer will discuss and demonstrate what the motivator has excited you about in his couple of hours and the coach would have taken months to teach you about. The trainer hands you all that you need to be successful, but usually does not check back to hold you accountable for taking action with what you possess. The trainer shares career clues and job search tools, but does not concern himself with whether you will implement the tools and secure a great living. After all, he is paid to come in, give it all to you and go to the next training session. Some trainers offer a few months of coaching but are not as consistent as a committed coach. They are trainers and want to be in front of the masses. The motivator and the coach get in front of groups too, but usually because they are seeking the monthly newsletter subscription or continual coaching fee. However, all three professionals add value and benefit and should be considered when you want to learn this industry better. You can simply ask what services are offered by all three and evaluate what best suits your present needs. It may be difficult for you to identify your goals and what type of training works best for you. Possibly, you need a change of direction to be able to choose the right path and are caught up in the thick of thin of things ("Caught in the thick of thin of things?" The Mortgage Press, April 2006). I have a solution for you, and it will be painful. Pay for training - any training, but pay for it. It is amazing that we attach value to things that cost us money. When purchased, even the least effective training has value and will motivate you to succeed. You will incorporate and utilize the training that you pay for. Free training is free; thus, it is of little or no value. This is how we perceive value and worth. If we have to pay for it, we use it. When it is free, we just consider it a way for people to gather our names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We value and protect what we purchase. This is why people do not change their ways of living when they win casino jackpots or other large prizes. If it is free, we do not value it. When we purchase something, we will use it to the fullest extent. We will pay for extended warranties, keep it protected, store it in clean and proper environments and use it as often as we can. There are a few exceptions to those in the mainstream who only perceive value when it comes at a price. These few tend to be specific in their lives. They will lay it all out and expose themselves so that others can learn from them. They are motivators, coaches and trainers. For the rest, value is associated with cost, and you get what you pay for. Joe Corno is president of Utah-based We Be Consulting and Seminars. He may be reached at (801) 836-2077 or e-mail [email protected].
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Jul 09, 2006
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