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Aug 24, 2005

A Message From CAMB President B. Glenn BartholomewB. Glenn BartholomewPresident's Message,Colorado,CAMB Half of the year has flown by. I would like to give you all an update on everything the Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers Board of Directors and committees have accomplished in the first half of the year. I would first like to acknowledge and thank Education Committee Chair Jim McCloskey and the members of his committee. Not only are the Principles of Mortgage Financing classes running smoothly, but Jim has also had the class certified for continuing education with the Board of Realtors. Now, the class provides 32 continuing education credit hours for real estate professionals and has also been approved for higher education credits with the state of Colorado. Don Exley of Mortgage Training Institute (MTI) has joined CAMB in its quest to provide quality continuing education classes online for association members everywhere. MTI's classes are, without a doubt, the highest-quality education classes available in the United States. His classes are not only certified in many other states, but also count as credits towards earning the Colorado Certified Mortgage Broker (CCMB) designation. Continuing Education Committee Chair Vern Morris and committee member Tom Kennedy have brought in Tony Hernandez of Fannie Mae to speak about understanding the trends in the housing market and which loan products will assist homebuyers in getting approved for the lowest cost loan that they qualify for. Immediate Past President Cheryl Dingwell has been working all year on ways to bring more integrity and prestige to the CCMB designation. She started with this idea during her term as president last year and has been working non-stop to see this project through. There will be an announcement of the new qualifications at the CAMB 2005 Annual Convention and Trade Show in September. The CAMB Board of Directors, through its efforts and those of Secretary Wayne Martin, Treasurer Hugh Vallely and Board Member Vern Morris, have signed up with the Denver-Boulder Better Business Bureau as a partner in offering a resolution alternative to Colorado consumers and CAMB members. CAMB now offers its members direct leads through the Denver Newspaper Agency Web site, thanks largely to the efforts of CAMB President-Elect Shawn Turner. Some of our members have been extremely happy with the success of this venture. If you havent noticed, yet, Public Relations Committee Chair Belinda Spillman and the members of her committee have been successful in getting the association's name out there in the public eye. Her committee has been doing an unbelievable job of keeping current information published in The Colorado Mortgage Press. By-Laws Committee Chair Wayne Martin and his committee have prepared changes to our by-laws for approval at the general membership meeting being held in conjunction with the CAMB 2005 Annual Convention and Trade Show on Friday, Sept. 9. With this year's proposed changes, the CAMB Board of Directors hopes to have association chapters available throughout Colorado. This board is committed to reaching out to all mortgage brokers in the state of Colorado and making the association's benefits and value more available to them. We hope to have branches in Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Dillon, Fort Collins/Greeley, Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction. Western Regional Mortgage Brokers Conference Committee Chair Jason Berman has been working with the folks at the WRMBC to offer room discounts as well as blocking airline seats to provide a substantial discount to all CAMB members who want to attend the conference in Las Vegas, Friday-Tuesday, Nov. 11-15. If you have not attended any of the luncheons yet this year, you have missed some great speakers and networking opportunities. Monthly Luncheons Committee Chair Megan Rodrigues, despite her short time in the mortgage industry, has brought in many new speakers. We are currently working on a way to record the luncheon speakers and provide video on our Web site for members in outlying areas who are unable to attend the monthly luncheons. As soon as more funds become available, we hope to move forward on this project. As he has for the past three and a half years, Benefits Committee Chair Jay Gegenberg has been working hard trying to find membership benefits that will bring savings and value to the small businesses that form the core of our membership. We have two members of the board of directors who do not reside in the Denver area: Cheryl Dingwell and Dick Norman. Cheryl resides in the Colorado Springs area and Dick resides in the Winter Park region. They truly want CAMB to represent all mortgage brokers in Colorado, not just those who live in Denver. It is with thanks to them that CAMB will try to get chapters opened up in the northern Colorado areas of Fort Collins and Greeley, in the mountain areas of Dillon and Steamboat Springs, in the western slope area of Grand Junction and the southern region of our state in the Colorado Springs-Pueblo area. We will need 30 members in each area to make this venture successful. If you live and work in any of these areas, please make your presence known when CAMB comes to your town. Last, but far from least, our executive director needs to be mentioned. Since joining CAMB and taking over the reigns of executive director, Scott Meiklejohn has helped move CAMB forward at speeds that we had been told could never be achieved. Scott has been working hand in hand with everyone's information technology people to get our Web site and online services up and running. Scott has been trying to please every member and sponsor, and bring everyone up to speed with current and helpful information from CAMB on a weekly basis and even sometimes twice a week through e-blasts. He has also been staffing the phones daily, while attending every important mortgage industry event to ensure that the association's presence is felt, in addition to bringing valuable information back to the CAMB Board of Directors and the membership that we would not otherwise know. In the short time that CAMB has had its own executive director, Scott has brought more recognition, credibility and respect to the association. Scott has helped take CAMB to the next level and the new beginning that we had hoped for in the past. That's the word we get back from the street. If you have not met Scott, he's that person standing in front of the CAMB booth at every function the association has sponsored or attended. Stop by and tell him thanks. Sincerely, B. Glenn Bartholomew, CCMB, President Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers
Aug 24, 2005
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