Research firm ranks Wells Fargo Web site number one

Research firm ranks Wells Fargo Web site number one

September 7, 2006

Mortgage Builder offers MGIC mortgage insuranceMortgagePress.comPrivate mortgage insurance, MGIC, Mortgage Builder
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) mortgage
insurance is now available via Mortgage Builder Software Inc.'s
loan origination system (LOS).
When using Mortgage Builder's LOS, key data fields for the
mortgage insurance request come from data in the LOS itself, and
the mortgage insurance data points returned by MGIC in the response
for insurance are automatically populated back into the LOS. In
addition, the commitment certificate is attached to the loan as a
PDF document to be assessed by the user when needed.
Milwaukee-based Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation is a
private mortgage insurance provider. For more information, call
(800) 424-6442 or visit
Southfield, Mich.-based Mortgage Builder Software Inc. provides
loan origination systems to mortgage bankers, brokers, credit
unions and financial institutions. For more information, call (800)
850-8060 or visit