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10 things your customers won't tell you (but we will!)

Nov 21, 2005

Ellie Mae offers Stewart flood determination servicesMortgagePress.comEllie Mae,Stewart flood insurance Ellie Mae Inc. has partnered with Stewart Mortgage Information (SMI) as a provider for flood determinations within its ePASS Network online transaction platform. EPASS gives loan originators immediate access to Stewart flood information directly from the loan file--eliminating re-keying of data and returning a flood report back to a users desktop within 60 seconds. Once downloaded, the flood report is always accessible within the loan origination system. SMI produces the highest-resolution flood hazard analysis in the industry. "We are pleased that Ellie Mae is confident in our ability to fulfill flood determination requests for customers within its ePASS Network," said Tara Williams, SMI senior vice president. "With more than 40,000 mortgage lenders using this service, this integration will make Stewart more widely available to the U.S. lender community." Through the partnership, Ellie Mae has included SMI as a flood provider through all of their loan origination systems, including Encompass, Genesis 2000 and Contour systems. The new arrangement allows direct integration from Ellie Mae systems into Stewart Flood Determination Services. "This integration between ePASS and Stewart allows our mutual customers to easily choose Stewart as a flood determination provider, eliminating duplicate data entry and allowing users to receive and access flood reports immediately," said Richard Roof, senior vice president, Ellie Mae. "In addition, accessing Stewart flood certs through ePASS allows lenders to maintain an electronic binder or copy of the transaction." SMI's digital database contains the flood zone status of more than 150 million properties in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Most flood determination orders are processed and returned to customers within 60 seconds of a request. For more information, call (888) 955-9100 or visit
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Nov 21, 2005
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