A no is your greatest opportunity to grow

A no is your greatest opportunity to grow

May 31, 2006

Macquarie Mortgages USA releases cash-flow calculatorMortgagePress.comLoan cash-flow calculator, Macquarie Mortgage USA Inc.
Macquarie Mortgage USA Inc. has released a cash-flow calculator
for consumers on its Web site, titled "CashFlowCalc." With input
from borrowers on their loan amounts, assets, income and expenses,
the calculator demonstrates the savings that can be realized by
using available cash and regular monthly cash flow to reduce
interest owed. Users of CashFlowCalc can also determine the
potential acceleration of the payoffs of their mortgage lines of
credit and compare features of Macquarie products with those of
standard industry loans.
Macquarie Mortgages USA Inc. is a mortgage lender based in
Memphis, Tenn. For more information, call (888) 260-4390 or visit