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National Mortgage Professional
Jun 08, 2006

Tech bytes: Tips and tools from NAMB Technology Chair John G. Anthony IIJohn G. Anthony IIComputer education This month, I would like to invite all members and prospective members to join us in the rollout of our first ever "NAMBinar." Last month, we discussed the exciting new technology contracted by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers for the benefit of volunteers and members alike, called Go to Meeting. The purpose was three-fold. Thus far, the fulfillment of one of the purposes is under way, as many of NAMB's volunteers have utilized the technology through board and committee meetings, in addition to other work done by volunteers from around the country. The next prong involves you. It has been said that one of the challenges of any national trade organization is effective communication with its membership on such topics as member benefits. We will now, through the utilization of this technology, begin a series of 15-min. guided tours of the NAMB Web site and member benefits. Our first in the series is scheduled to occur in the month of March. Watch your e-mail for the "News From NAMB" message for the exact time and date. We encourage everyone to take 15 minutes to learn more about NAMB, learn more about Go to Meeting as a tool, and to learn more about our Strategic Alliance of the Month. And as always ... Send your questions, ideas or problems for us to research and answer next month to [email protected] We do not know all the answers, but we do know how to "Google" them. See you 'round cyber space. John G. Anthony II is Technology Committee Chair for the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. He may be reached at (717) 591-3278 or e-mail [email protected]
Jun 08, 2006
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