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Selling mortgages is not rocket science - Leads - if you are going to purchase them ...

National Mortgage Professional
Nov 15, 2006

I found my niche!Rebecca CepluchMortgage brokers niches One of the biggest challenges in our profession is being able to perform well when the media leads everybody to believe it can't be done. Do you wonder why some loan officers keep busy no matter what the market is doing, while others cannot seem to get a loan closed to save their lives? Did you know that the simple act of imagining what you want and that you already have what you want will get you exactly that? On the flipside, imagining that the market is dried up and that there is no business out there for you will also become a self-fulfilling prophecy! Each day, from this day forward, imagine yourself closing 20 loans a month on time. Every day, take a few moments to note how good it feels to be closing those loans. Try to keep those feelings for as long as you can, throughout each day. Don't make the mistake of worrying about where the loans will come from or how you will get them closed. Only concentrate on how good it feels to be closing 20 loans per month. As silly as it sounds, talk to yourself about the details of the loans, how great a job you are doing closing those loans and how your borrowers keep referring you over and over again to do more loans. Lastly, find a niche. Check with companies that specialize in niche products. Are you new to the industry? Are you someone who has potential, but may need a jumpstart to success? Seek out successful account executives and loan officers who are willing to share marketing techniques, sales skills and, most importantly, products that will get you busy quickly. That is the key to success! I look forward to hearing all about your success stories! And remember—positive feelings always yield positive results! Rebecca Cepluch is an account executive with M&T Mortgage Corporation, based in Cincinnati. She can be reached at (317) 460-4637 or e-mail [email protected]
Nov 15, 2006
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