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Fishing for premium customers: Increasing your success with lead generation programs

National Mortgage Professional
Nov 21, 2006

Aite Group reports on commercial mortgage technologiesMortgagePress.comCommercial mortgage software solutions In a new report, "Commercial Mortgage Technologies: Automating a Non-Standardized Process," Aite Group examined the challenges faced by the United States commercial mortgage industry and how technology can address these challenges. The report concluded that the industry is severely under-utilizing technology. As many as 75 percent of commercial mortgage lenders are still using home-grown proprietary solutions, and almost 75 percent continue to rely on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for sophisticated modeling and cash flow forecasts. Complex transaction structures and a lack of standardization have slowed down the adoption of technology by the commercial mortgage industry. New market dynamics, however, are driving change. "Factors such as increased competition and a greater demand for commercial mortgage-backed securities are driving the industry toward greater use of technology," noted Christine Barry, research director with Aite Group and author of the report. "Today's solutions not only create central repositories and eliminate manual and costly processes, but they also enable lenders to quickly and accurately generate documents for sale in the secondary market." Aite Group forecasts that by 2008, U.S. commercial mortgage lenders will spend more than $186 million on third-party vendor solutions and enhancements (not including servicing technologies) as origination growth and demand for this type of debt increases. For more information, visit
Nov 21, 2006
Nations Lending Teams Up With NBA Legend Dennis Rodman On Integrated Brand Campaign

Nations Lending, a full-service national mortgage lender, announced the launch of its first integrated brand campaign starring NBA Champion and All-Star Dennis Rodman.

Sales and Marketing
Dec 06, 2021
Is The Fabled Rainy Day Here?

Creating, rolling out new products is critical for lenders

Sales and Marketing
Dec 01, 2021
Tok Of The Town? Or A Ticking Bomb?

The Rise Of TikTok In The Mortgage Industry

Sales and Marketing
Nov 29, 2021
Cleveland Cavaliers Partner With Fast For A Streamlined Checkout Service At Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

Cleveland Cavalier fans can now purchase their favorite team merchandise with the ease of one-click at or while attending games at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

Sales and Marketing
Nov 15, 2021
Finance Of America Reverse Updates Its Brand Assets

Finance of America Reverse announced the launch of its updated brand assets with what the company says, “reflects its modern identity and impactful relationships with customers.”

Nov 12, 2021
How To Build Your Purchase Business As Refis Dry Out

There is no better time to start thinking about building your purchase business as the refinance pool begins to run dry.

Nov 08, 2021