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The many faces of call reluctance

Feb 05, 2007

Argent revamps Web site MortgagePress.comArgent Mortgage, Web site,, Sam Marzouk Argent Mortgage Company LLC has redesigned its Web site to make it easier for customers to access essential resources and services that allow them to securely close more loans in less time. The all-new look is clean and simple, but the changes are more than cosmetic. The information architecture, navigation system and login process of have been reorganized and simplified to provide Argent-approved brokers with an effortless, streamlined experience. New Web applications such as Adobe Flex and Flash technology make the site more intuitive, allowing extensive information to be condensed and made easier to process. Brokers should be spending their time handling loans, not searching a Web site for information thats difficult to find, said Argent President Sam Marzouk. At Argent, were committed to making sure brokers have everything they need to serve their customers and stay ahead of the competition. Thats why we redesigned our Web site to be simple, easy and flexible. The result is a user-centric site incorporating media-rich technologies that is driven by content and is intuitive by nature. For example, Argent-approved brokers now have their own profile section to keep personal information up-to-date and keep in close touch with their account executives. The new site provides immediate access to current rate sheets, online loan submissions and tracking, appraisal upload services and loan approval status. Argent plans to deploy multimedia tutorials to teach users how to use member services and keep them informed of new programs. The use of Adobe Flex technology allowed Argent to enhance its online origination applications and tools for brokers, including: Prequal Wizard: The most advanced loan application process in the industry allows brokers to get instant pricing scenarios and qualify borrowers in seconds. Loan Genius: Argents online origination system offers instant approvals and guaranteed pricing on loan submissions at any time of the day or night. Pipeline Management Tool: To help brokers track every stage of the loan process, it allows them to filter, sort and search loans on the fly. In addition, Argents Web site now contains a search feature using an in-house Google search application. Brokers can log in from anywhere on the site and smart navigation knows when you are logged in and when youre not. Security also has been tightened, so brokers know their information is safe with Argent. For more information,
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Feb 05, 2007
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