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Ginnie Mae boosts America's affordable housing

National Mortgage Professional
Jul 04, 2007

Playing the numbers gameDouglas Smithsales, Douglas Smith, motivational speaker, ABC Advisor Seminar Series The mortgage business is a business of numbers, and if you don't know your numbers, you can't run your business. Let's take Nick for instance. Nick is a loan originator with a goal to make $100,000 this year. Nick's average loan amount is $200,000 and he earns, on average, $1,000 a loan in gross commissions. It's clear that Nick needs to close 100 loans this year to reach his goal. Let's back up a bit further. There are a few more numbers Nick needs to know to be successful. Those numbers include his capture and conversion rates. Like any good mortgage professional, Nick tracks his leads and loans very well. He knows from monthly production reports and pipeline data that about 75 percent of his applications taken and entered into the system will close. The rest fall out for a variety of reasons, such as appraisal issues, home inspections, buyers backing out of the deal, and more. Now Nick recognizes that to close 100 loans, he will have to take at least 134 applications throughout the year. Thats his conversion rate. Next, Nick must estimate his capture rate. Giving this some serious thought, Nick realizes that he is successful in capturing about one out of every five borrowers he speaks with; about 20 percent of his prospects will actually make a loan application. (The others either don't qualify, arent ready to move forward, or choose to finance their loan elsewhere.) Now Nick knows that to close 100 loans a year he must take 134 applications, and to take 134 applications he needs 670 leads a year to reach his $100,000 goal. In the final analysis, Nick plans to take three weeks of vacation this year; spring break with the family, a summer trip to the beach and one week off during the holidays. If Nick needs 670 leads this year, working 49 weeks, he must average 14 leads a week, and that's the bottom line. Every Monday, when Nick comes to work, he doesn't dwell on making $100,000, or closing 100 loans, or even taking 134 applications. Every Monday morning, Nick thinks about his primary goal; he must talk with 14 prospects or leads before he goes home on Friday afternoon. If he so chooses, Nick could start out each week with a piece of paper numbered one through 14. His objective is to work hard, stay focused, make a lot of contacts, and fill in 14 names on his sheet of paper by Friday. If he does this consistently every week, based on his numbers, Nick will earn his $100,000 this year. It's time that you know your numbers as well as Nick does. Take a few minutes right now to figure out what it will take to reach your goal this year; all the way down to how many people you should be talking to every week, maybe even every day. The mortgage business is a game of numbers in so many ways. To play the game well, you have to know your numbers. Doug Smith is President of Douglas Smith & Associates. He is a 24-year mortgage industry professional, nationally-known speaker, author and sales trainer. For more information, visit or call (877) 430-2329.
Jul 04, 2007
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