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Byte Software unveils software development kit

National Mortgage Professional
Jul 12, 2007

Tech Bytes: CSI-level technology for free!Mike VernonData restoration software It happens to professionals just like you every day. You click "delete" and instantly shout "Oh no!"—or possibly something stronger, because you actually need that file. Then there's a brief moment of hope—maybe you can simply retrieve it from your recycle bin. But when you open the bin, the bin is empty. Where did that file go? More importantly, can you get it back? The challenge here is that most mortgage companies use network drives to keep files on a local server. Unfortunately, when you delete a file from a network drive, it does not go to your recycle bin at all. Now, almost everyone has a computer guy who helped set up his network, and the computer guy probably implemented a backup system and assured you it would prevent files from being lost. But most backups require you to stop and restore your system, and you still lose any work done since your previous backup—including that file you just accidentally deleted. Sure, Gil Grissom from CSI could find a way to retrieve your lost file, but you don't have the resources of the Las Vegas CSI. The good news is that Undelete Plus can help you retrieve most files without spending a penny. This free software scans your computer with Grissom-like efficiency, finding every file that's been deleted—even from your recycle bin or from a network drive. It lists all files and tells you which can be recovered. If your computer has not overwritten the file, you're in luck. If it has, well, at least you know you did all you could. On the other side of the sleuthing spectrum, do you ever worry about unauthorized individuals and organizations spying on your computer history? You should—it happens all the time. Now, if you're suspected of criminal activity, CSI—and other investigative bodies—have the right, by law, and the high-tech tools to search your computer files, operating system, browser history, IP addresses, instant messages, geographic information and so on. The problem is that similar tools can be used by malicious hackers, disgruntled employees and acquaintances, competitors, and those who are just too nosy for your own good. Fortunately, there is a free tool to help you defend your privacy: Tor. Tor protects your personal communications and preserves your anonymity as you surf the Internet. Using a large network of Tor servers called "onion routers," it essentially makes computer trails so complicated that it's impossible to track your steps. This is the kind of thing that only Gil Grissom could explain, and then most of us just say "huh?" But trust me, it works, and it doesn't impact surfing speed or anything else. When you watch CSI people talking about tracking and retrieving computer information, you may think it could only happen on television, but the technology exists. Get a little CSI-level power today. For Undelete Plus, visit; for Tor, go to Mike Vernon is the Technology Committee co-chair for the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, vice president of the Pennsylvania Association of Mortgage Brokers and president of FollowYourCustomer Inc. He may be reached at (877) 365-5692 or e-mail [email protected]
Jul 12, 2007
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