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Intellidyn debuts ability to target negative amortization loan holders by lender

National Mortgage Professional
Aug 04, 2008

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage taps Loan-Score to help launch new mortgage lending operationMortgagePress.comLoan Score Decisioning Systems, Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation, Del Mar DataTrac Loan Score Decisioning Systems, an enterprise-class pricing and automated underwriting solutions provider, has announced that Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation (PCM), a newly formed wholesale mortgage lender, has signed with the company to utilize its best-of-breed decisioning solution and seamless integration with its recently purchased back-end loan processing system, Del Mar DataTrac. Loan-Score's solution allows PCM to automate product eligibility, pricing and underwriting approvals at the point-of-sale (POS) for brokers and also within DataTrac for operations staff. The new mortgage banker has made technology a top priority by establishing a mandate to select its long-term technology partners before beginning to fund high volumes of loans. Collectively, Loan-Score's Web-based decisioning suite empowers PCM's brokers and account executives with automated POS and pipeline management tools to elevate customer service. Loan-Score's solution is already proven to tightly integrate with DataTrac, which allows for the transparent bi-directional flow of loan-level details and real-time status updates between the two systems. As a result, the communication gap is bridged between brokers and lender staff. "We've recruited a stellar team of industry professionals that are loaded with mortgage banking experience to help launch a lending model that is laser focused on delivering next-level customer service," said Steve Pavlos, CIO at Pinnacle Capital Mortgage. "As a new lender, we enjoy the luxury of building a lending organization that boasts highly service-oriented people, processes and technology. We've taken a great deal of time to ensure that our model truly delivers exceptional service to brokers and borrowers." "In order to offer unparalleled customer service to its customers, PCM's POS platform and LOS must to talk to one another in real-time," said David P. Colwell, executive vice president at Loan-Score. "Licensing an expensive solution that accompanies a long, drawn out end-to-end implementation wasnt a viable option, but a best-of-breed approach that integrates well was the clear option to grow PCMs business." PCM will start its roll out to approved brokers as a pilot program to first ensure that its technology and processes are working efficiently before an official launch of the platform. For more information, visit or
Aug 04, 2008
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