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Seroka develops Reverse Mortgage Marketing Playbook

May 01, 2008

Cogent Road launches AVAIL with select lendersMortgagePress.comCogent Road, AVAIL, credit scores, Funding Suite Cogent Road, a provider of Internet-based applications for the mortgage industry, announced that AVAIL, a fully-automated educational program for potential borrowers to improve credit health with the assistance of a broker, is currently in beta status with select clients of Cogent Road's Funding Suite. AVAIL will be available to all Funding Suite mortgage originators in the third quarter of 2008 at no additional cost. The consumer-focused program incorporates Funding Suite's automated credit proofreading tools to identify and resolve potential data errors that may work against customers' credit scores. The program also provides customized, step-by-step credit usage suggestions for consumers that improve their overall credit health. Throughout the yearlong process, credit usage strategies are modified based on the consumer's previous actions. AVAIL detects when positive steps have been made and provides encouragement when needed. Consumers enroll in the AVAIL program through a professional mortgage originator who then serves as the consumer's credit coaching advisor. The AVAIL program is branded with the originator's logo, photo, name and contact information to further strengthen interaction with the mortgage originator. The advisor can view the consumer's AVAIL account to provide guidance if questions arise. The mortgage originator is also automatically notified when a consumer achieves predefined credit scoring targets. "AVAIL helps us find a way to cultivate business in a contracting market. We can further strengthen our relationships with potential borrowers by creating better credit health without significant additional effort by our lending agents," said Jon Cordes, president of Irvine, Calif.-based Activus Home Loans. "The AVAIL coaching system gives our would-be borrowers personalized credit education and step-by-step guidance for improving their credit health without any intervention on our side." "We wanted to give mortgage originators a tool that could teach their potential borrowers how to properly use credit in order to strengthen their credit profiles," said William DiPaolo, managing partner for Cogent Road. "To meet this goal, AVAIL had to be an educational, effective and easy to use program for consumers and an effortless feature for originators to deploy. One of the most powerful benefits of the program is its ability to provide automated notification to originators when consumers meet qualifying standards." For more information, visit
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