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Compliance Coach launches CompliancePal

National Mortgage Professional
Apr 16, 2008

ChoicePoint's MARI introduces Loan Fraud Alert ServiceMortgagePress.comapplication risk, patterns of fraud, hidden relationships among transaction parties The Mortgage Asset Research Institute (MARI), a ChoicePoint company, announced the release of its new MARI Loan Fraud Alert Service (LFAS). MARI LFAS is a mortgage industry-contributed loan process database that enables lenders and investors to identify potential application risk, patterns of fraud and hidden relationships among transaction parties. "Fraudsters are taking advantage of the fact that some lenders do not have the capability to compare the details of all pending transactions" said Tom Chmielewski, ChoicePoint vice president of product marketing. "By incorporating LFAS into their business solutions, lenders will now have the ability to compare that data against other contributing lenders' loan data." The comparison helps recognize application inconsistencies and common patterns that may be indicative of fraudulent activity. By helping identify risk at the earliest stages, lenders can improve their quality control processes and reduce redundant application reviews. The Mortgage Asset Research Institute, based in Reston, Va., provides identity risk management services to the mortgage industry. For more information, call (866) 676-6274 or visit ChoicePoint, based in Alpharetta, Ga., provides businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations with technology, software, information and marketing services to manage economic risk. For more information, call (888) 497-0011 or visit
Apr 16, 2008
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