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Apr 28, 2008

AmTrust sets closes 10,000-plus loans electronically MortgagePress.comAmTrust, eSign, electronic signature AmTrust has announced promising new life in the mortgage industry by closing more than 10,000 mortgage loans using its proprietary eSign closing solution. As one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country, AmTrust Bank has closed and sold more loans with an electronic note (eNote) than all other lenders in the nation combined. eSign is an electronic mortgage loan closing and electronic signature solution that brings borrowers one step closer to a completely paperless closing experience. Supported by Gemstone, AmTrust's business-to-business Website, eSign converts the majority of legal closing documents into an electronic format for both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans. In addition, closing documents can be reviewed in advance via the Internet at any time or place to ease borrower anxiety and eliminate the guess work. After closing, borrowers get their own copy of all closing documents on disk or flash drive to take with them. "The AmTrust model is an incredible win for everyone - the consumer, our mortgage and closing partners and even the environment," said Jon Baymiller, AmTrust Banks EVP of mortgage lending. "Implementation of the fully integrated AmTrust eVision value proposition represents an ongoing effort across many constituents. We are especially appreciative of the support and technical assistance we have received from Fannie Mae and MERS, key partners in our eSign strategy." "In the face of significant turmoil within the mortgage industry, I am proud of AmTrust's continued long-term focus while we have dramatically grown our business and invested in technology, such as eSign, to offer the most convenient solutions to our customers," said AmTrust Bank President Peter Goldberg. For more information, visit ###
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