How you influence you interaction with customers

How you influence you interaction with customers

August 17, 2008

Live in the nowJoe Cornosales training, motivation, enthusiasm
I have been very curious on how enthusiasm and optimism impacts
the independent Mortgage Broker during "these times," where you can
make a lot of money as a by-product of being enthusiastic and
optimistic. No, I am not leading you into some multi-level
marketing opportunity, but some do take this route for supplemental
I am talking about building upon the business you want to
increase the mortgage business. However, people need to live and
work in the industry and market that we currently have in front of
us. Let me give you some negative examples and then turn the
article into the atypical and positive, as you know I do.
My wife and I attended a movie the other day. About 15 min. into
the movie, someone to our left spoke out: "Please turn off your
cell phone." I do not know if someone was texting or talking on
their phone, but he was not settling in and taking advantage of the
movie that he paid to see.
I thoroughly got into the movie and forgot everything else
outside of the theater and on my mind. Later, when I inquired of my
wife, she did the same; then she brought up the comment that we
heard at the beginning of the movie. I hope this allegory is
sinking in. As I travel around and train Mortgage Brokers, I find
them preoccupied with things that limit their absorption of the
course that they paid to attend.
They are taking calls, texting and e-mailing as I present the
course materials. This is not multi-tasking. This is exactly what
the cell phone-user at the movie was doing. They are not taking in
all that they can and are missing things that are right in front of
them. I heard one trainer put it this way: "Be there!" People want
you to "wow" them. If you are dwelling around the office and
thinking of what you should do, then go do something. Get the "wow"
going, and invite others to get the positive and proactive process
The second negative example is those who lament about past days
of the business. If your brass plaques or glass awards are over two
years old, take them off the wall! Start building references and
accomplishments now. If you are wasting time dwelling on how the
good old days were instead of creating good old days, you are
living back then and not now. Start living in the now and learning
from the past.
I always say that training is most needed when you can least
afford it. I am not too busy these days, and it shows in the
business being provided from you and your company. Notice that I
did not say: "Being experienced." You need to change and become a
business provider, rather than allowing the industry experiences to
control you.
Okay! Let us start the positive spin by instructing you on what
you would do with great business coming your way. First, kick off
your "living in the now" by holding a "wow" event. It does not need
to be expensive, but get a bunch of people together and generate
high enthusiasm and optimism. If you are waiting for great business
to celebrate, you are reversing how you would act in an
enthusiastic and optimistic business.
Have everyone check their cell phones at the door and enjoy the
activity. It could be a barbeque, a dance or an ice cream social.
Invite everyone that you know and take a moment to thank them and
tell them what you do for a living. Now watch itdo not request
referrals. You are desperately begging when you ask for
You get referrals by "wowing" them, and you are not begging for
business. There needs to be a theme for how you are going to tell
them what you are going to do. You need to develop the theme and
present it to the office for support. Get others supporting you to
squelch the negativism that the doom and gloom people in this
industry carry with them.
Take the theme and blast it out there. I have been traveling and
dropping in on offices. They respond that I am alone in my travels,
and most have stopped coming by. Take flyers around, offer to
assist them with your services and get others to help by developing
from your rank and file.
The rank and file could be staff, family, friends and neighbors.
Build an army of people to tell others what you do and that you are
proactively building now. What really counts is what we do for
others; so the part that you do needs to be exceptional and of a
benefit to others.
To prevent e-mails requesting suggestions on what to do, let me
list some examples. Be the best with first-time homebuyer programs.
Be the best at finding properties and loans that will "flow cash"
as a rental; this is a realistic "do" when considering values
versus housing expense in most areas. Be smiling and running
everywhere so that you generate excitement.
Be the best at finding hard-to-place loans. Be the best
facilitator, getting people to the right people and places quickly.
Whatever it is that you choose to do, announce it, parade it and
celebrate it. Be enthusiastic and optimistic about it and you will
develop a business that self-generates business.
I pride myself on being an atypical trainer. I continually
receive e-mails expressing such sentiments. In my response to the
e-mails, the sender quickly realizes that my response and
follow-through cannot be matched. I will check back, send a
reminder and occasionally call if they do not respond
If you are a broker with originators shriveling up on this
business vine, then it is time to add some fertilizer (poop) and
get them growing on the success tree once again. I recently
received an e-mail on the cost of my material. I explained that if
you have me train it personally or just buy the book, it is the
same net profit to me.
We have exchanged a few e-mails, and the broker has asked for
references of people who have taken my training and incorporated it
into their activities and lives. I sent him a few names, but are we
not reverting back to the movie cell phone experience? I mean, if
you are waiting for the time-tested successes of others, that will
be the past industry, and you will not be living in the now once
Joe Corno is president of Utah-based We Be Consulting and
Seminars. He may be reached at (801) 836-2077 or e-mail