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Broker Dynamix surpasses $1 billion in transactions for clients
Jul 14, 2009

Broker Dynamix, a proprietary Web-based real estate lead generation service that enables prospective real estate clients who are using Internet search engines to connect with real estate brokers, has reached $1 billion in transactions. Since its national roll-out at the beginning of the year, Broker Dynamix has signed up, and now partners with, new brokers in almost 20 percent of the USA including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, Maryland and Delaware. “Reaching $1 billion in transactions is a huge milestone and confirms that our system effectively connects real estate brokers with home buyers and sellers even in this challenging real estate market,” said Thom Disch, CEO of Internet Engine, the parent company of Broker Dynamix. With 87 percent of real estate buyers using the Internet to search for homes, even the most attractive and content-rich Web site is of little value if potential buyers cannot find it through search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Broker Dynamix provides a supplement to a broker’s existing Web site by designing and maintaining an expanded Internet presence of additional websites that are branded with the broker’s name and logo. The system acts very much like a point of purchase display in the checkout line at the grocery store; it enables brokers to connect with prospects when they are ready to initiate a transaction. “If homebuyers search for a broker’s name, they’ll end up on the broker’s Web site in short order,” said Disch. “However, a very high percentage of home shoppers do not think about brokers when they are in the market. Instead, they type in search terms such as ‘Chicago real estate,’ or ‘homes in Arlington’ or even a very specific search phrase like ‘condo with granite counters on golf course near Ft. Myers,’ and this is where our service can make a difference.” “Baird & Warner constantly reaches out for ways to further grow our business. Even in today’s slower real estate market, Broker Dynamix consistently generates thousands of high quality leads for our sales professionals--leads we might have missed if we had been using traditional Internet marketing techniques,” said Charlie Melidosian, CIO for Baird & Warner in Chicago. “Broker Dynamix has grown to become one of our top lead generation sources.” The Broker Dynamix system works independently of a broker’s main Web site and is designed to help brokers optimize their Internet presence and generate more high-quality leads. The system comes complete with an integrated MLS/IDX search capability and is optimized so that home buyers and sellers are presented with the opportunity to sign up on a broker’s branded Web site when they are using a search engine to conduct research in their market. Ultimately this process leads to better conversion rates without increasing advertising budgets. A key feature of the Broker Dynamix service is its availability on an exclusive basis to only one broker per MLS area. In addition to free hosting, there are no monthly maintenance fees or long term contracts. For more information, visit
Jul 14, 2009
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