NetMore America reduces fees to help drive participation with NAMB membership

NetMore America reduces fees to help drive participation with NAMB membership

November 10, 2009

NetMore America Inc., an expanding next generation mortgage banker, announced that in an effort to support the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) and mortgage brokers it is offering reduced fees for mortgage brokers who are currently members of NAMB and will extend the offer to any mortgage broker that joins over the next 30 days.
As a way to demonstrate its continued leadership in the mortgage broker community, NetMore will provide an incentive and reduce its administration fee by $100 for any mortgage brokers who can show they are a current NAMB member or one that joins NAMB over the next 30 days. NetMore’s intention is to raise the level of participation of mortgage brokers within NAMB, the voice of the mortgage broker industry, representing the interests of mortgage brokers and homebuyers since 1973.
“Quality mortgage brokers will and need to survive,” commented Lisa Schreiber, chief strategy officer of NetMore. “With all the regulatory challenges our industry is facing, NetMore wants to show support for our NAMB leadership who represent all of us with education and as ambassadors with our elected officials. For mortgage brokers who remain in the industry today, the opportunity to build a sustainable business is still present. We believe by partnering with NAMB we can improve the reputation of our industry and remain a viable solution for borrowers.”
“It is very important that the mortgage broker remains a part of our industry to help consumers make an intelligent decision. We are thankful for companies like NetMore America, that feel mortgage brokers are important to the overall mortgage industry, and we appreciate their help and financial support,” commented Marve Stockert, executive director of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals.
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