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National Quick Sale and Hollander join forces to expedite short sales
Mar 09, 2010

National Quick Sale, a provider of short sale automation technology, has announced a business partnership agreement with real estate and mortgage services provider Hollander Financial Holding Inc. of Claremont, Calif., to promote the use of its short sale platform’s capabilities through Hollander’s extensive network of real estate professionals across the country. National Quick Sale’s Web-based technology enables all parties in a short sale opportunity to easily monitor workflow and complete documentation requirements in a condensed time frame. Using the National Quick Sale platform, short sales can be completed in a matter of days, rather than the several months the process typically entails. Hollander Financial will bring its relationships with approximately one thousand independent real estate agents around the country to the National Quick Sale platform, working with both buyers and sellers to effect successful and timely short sale transactions. As a national mortgage banking firm, Hollander Financial will also be offering financing options, providing additional continuity and speed to the process. “Short sales can be complex,” says Mark Hollander, president of Hollander Financial. “National Quick Sale has found a way to simplify and accelerate them immensely, and it is our role to bring that message to the marketplace. Real estate professionals see the enormous potential offered by short sales, and National Quick Sale makes those opportunities realistic with their technology platform.  We are using social media, our Web site and other means to make certain all parties know that short sales no longer have to be an ordeal. Thanks to National Quick Sale, they are a viable, commissionable business opportunity for Realtors and a sound exit strategy for borrowers in trouble.” Rich Rollins, founder and chief executive officer of National Quick Sale, believes short sales represent one of the best ways for the U.S. housing market to regain its health and vitality with a minimum of government involvement and taxpayer expense. “Short sales let the market do most of the work in the recovery process,” said Rollins. “Instead of foreclosures and vacant houses, motivated buyers can benefit from realistic offers and lenders can reduce losses substantially. This partnership with Hollander Financial means thousands more people can sell their homes and avoid the pain and misery of the foreclosure process.  By bringing more real estate professionals into the network served by National Quick Sale’s short sale platform, Hollander Financial enables thousands of agents to become engaged, earn commissions and help the housing market get moving. We are very pleased to be working with them to achieve this important goal.” The U.S. Treasury Department’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) Program goes into effect in April, requiring supervised lenders to offer short sale and deed-in-lieu options to defaulting homeowners prior to commencing the foreclosure process. While considered a highly positive program, HAFA brings with it the challenges of accomplishing short sales in shorter time frames than are typically possible without the assistance of technology. National Quick Sale’s technology platform is able to help lenders and servicers meet the requirements of the HAFA program by organizing and directing the offer management and workflow tasks for all parties involved in short sale transactions, with easy access via the Web.   “It is really perfect timing,” said Hollander. “The market understands that short sales are a logical answer to many of its problems, and National Quick Sale is there to make the process work in significant volume and scale for the first time,” he says. “Our network of real estate professionals is very excited about working with National Quick Sale, and there will be thousands of opportunities for them to do just that.” For more information, visit or
Mar 09, 2010
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