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ClearMarkets enters into REO venture with Keller Williams Global Property Solutions Group
Jul 06, 2010

ClearMarkets LLC, a technology-based distressed real estate and loan disposition company, has announced the expansion of its existing distressed asset disposition services to now include access to the local knowledge base and support of over 78,000 residential and commercial real estate agents across America. This marks the first time that a technology-based distressed asset disposition company has entered into a strategic joint venture to provide an end-to-end disposition solution for distressed loans, real estate-owned (REO) properties and short sales with a nationwide reach. The joint venture fuses very powerful technology with the local knowledge and “boots on the ground” of 78,000 real estate agents. “This strategic alliance provides our clients with all of the advantages of our technology, transparent process and comprehensive distressed loan, REO and short sales solutions enhanced by over 78,000 residential and commercial real estate agents located across America,” said Robert W. D’Loren, co-chairman of ClearMarkets. ClearMarkets provides the partnership with the technology and expertise for transparent bid management, asset sales and marketing, as well as reporting. Its technology platform enables clients to take a more systematic approach to distressed asset sales and other loss mitigation techniques, focusing on several key structural features to bring greater value to its clients and transparency to the sales process. Through four phases—asset discovery, due diligence, asset marketing, and closing and settlement—ClearMarkets utilizes its national platform and infrastructure to source, analyze, value, market and dispose of real estate assets and loans. Keller Williams Global Property Solutions Group provides full agent training, education and certification, as well as access to Keller Williams Realty’s network of more than 78,000 residential and commercial real estate agents. It also maintains a database of third-party brokers that enables the delivery of a brand-neutral and multicultural real estate broker network. Keller Williams Global Property Solutions Group supports and trains the broker network in ClearMarkets technology, custom directed client education, short sale lead distribution management, auction sales strategies, Pre-Foreclosure Specialist Certification (PSC) and an agent locator homeowner referral network. Also, Keller Williams Global Property Solutions trains and coordinates select KW Commercial brokers in loan sale and distressed REO asset sales. “This partnership marks the first time that a technologically advanced distressed asset sales platform has been fully fused with a real estate brokerage business to create the most comprehensive sales solution for sellers of distressed assets. The transparency created through the technology and process will revolutionize our industry,” said Ophir Adar, managing partner with Keller Williams. For more information, visit or
Jul 06, 2010
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