Ellie Mae announces the addition of PHH Mortgage to Encompass 360 program

Ellie Mae announces the addition of PHH Mortgage to Encompass 360 program

July 29, 2010

PHH Mortgage Corporation, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation, and Ellie Mae, the enterprise mortgage origination technology provider, have jointly announced that PHH Mortgage has been added as a lender to Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 Select program, which is exclusively accessed by preferred customers of Encompass360.
The Encompass360 Select program enables a unique and proactive two-way flow of communication between preferred Encompass customers and PHH Mortgage. After these customers submit loan information into Encompass360, that information is matched instantaneously against pre-determined PHH Mortgage loan criteria and the pricing for the loan is automatically presented on the customer’s Encompass360 screen.
Customers that are pre-approved by PHH Mortgage can also upload loan applications into the PHH Mortgage Speedy Online Application and Response (S.O.A.R.) loan origination system, lock loans and check loan status in real-time. The program provides approved customers with seamless synchronization between all loan submissions to PHH Mortgage and the loan conditions and data that are comprehensively stored in the customer’s Encompass360 system.
“Our business partnership and integration with Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 loan origination system is one of the first its kind. It will help clients improve their service delivery to their customers, as well as allow them to help simplify the process of selling their loans in the secondary market,” said Mike Dirrane, executive vice president of sales for PHH Mortgage. “This relationship is only being offered to a group of preferred Encompass360 customers that have demonstrated their ability to write the quality of business that aligns with PHH Mortgage’s standards."
Encompass360 Select customers also benefit from PHH Mortgage’s loan decisions in as little as three business days. These select originators have the flexibility of functioning as a broker or banker, depending on the transaction, and operating as either a delegated or non-delegated correspondent. Additional benefits include access to PHH Mortgage underwriters, training, channel decision-makers, exclusive customer service team members, and a dedicated help desk.
PHH Mortgage offerings within the Encompass360 Select program are presented to program customers who are pre-approved to do business with PHH Mortgage. Encompass360 Select customers that are not pre-approved with PHH Mortgage may apply through its streamlined application process and will receive a decision in as few as five business days.
“We are very pleased to be adding PHH Mortgage as a lender in the Encompass360 Select program,” said Jonathan Corr, chief strategy officer for Ellie Mae. “PHH Mortgage stands for the kind of service quality and dedication that our Encompass360 customers expect from their best lenders. By proactively offering PHH Mortgage’s market-forward pricing and products within Encompass360, Ellie Mae is taking another important step toward expanded efficiency and productivity for our customers, providing more choices and moving toward a more holistic approach that elevates total loan quality.”
For more information, visit www.phhmortgage.com or www.EllieMae.com.

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