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FNC forms partnership with Integrated Asset Services

Aug 13, 2010

  FNC Inc. has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Integrated Asset Services (IAS) to offer FNC's servicing clients an option for procuring next-generation real estate valuations that are more precise than ever. With the IAS option already fully integrated into FNC's Collateral Management System (CMS) platform, FNC clients can take advantage of this technology to order broker price opinions (BPOs) or appraisals as part of FNC's seamless collateral risk management solution. "We believe IAS's next-generation BPO and appraisal technology will give our clients a cutting edge option for better collateral transparency and more accurate decisions," said Mike Mitchell, FNC's chief strategy officer. IAS's product combines hard data with both comparative and predictive analytics to bring a level of granularity never thought possible to value estimates. By clustering together like neighborhoods, the process creates trend lines, which enable users to predict what will likely happen to real estate values at the neighborhood level. If, for example, trend values are declining in a neighborhood, the recommendation to sell a property "as-is" at a lower price could be made, while if the neighborhood trend values are increasing, the recommendation to repair and take a longer time to sell could result in a higher realized gain on the property.  "I'm confident that our mutual clients will benefit from IAS's suite of valuation products," said Ryan Tomazin, IAS president. "Together, we'll be bringing new levels of clarity, accountability, and transparency to the valuation process." For more information, visit or  
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Aug 13, 2010
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