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Tranzact Provides Home Savings of America With a Centralized Tri-Bureau Prescreen Marketing Solution
Oct 20, 2010

In response to a growing demand for a marketing portal that offers both corporate control and branch flexibility, Tranzact Information Services (TIS) recently launched a new centralized marketing solution for Home Savings of America (HSOA), a national savings and loan institution. “With nearly 100 branches conducting their own marketing, we were interested in designing a centralized marketing solution that would not only help us maximize our direct marketing ROI but also ensure our prescreen direct marketing campaigns were fully compliant with FCRA regulations,” said Forrest Young, vice president of marketing for HSOA. “Tranzact Information Services offered us a solution that helped us realize both of these goals.” “Understanding the importance of HSOA’s objectives, we created a custom, private-labeled online data access and delivery system that fully integrated with their technology platform,” said Ben Waldshan, president of Tranzact Information Services. “The system provides branch managers with access to a variety of marketing data sets, including prescreen credit lists from all three leading bureaus. Leveraging hundreds of attributes hand-selected by Young and his team, managers can build highly targeted marketing lists to reach a number of mortgage prospects, including conventional, reverse mortgage, FHA, VA and more.” Tranzact Information Services offers ongoing training via both group Webinar and individual GoTo meetings to ensure branch managers capitalize on this powerful marketing tool. “We have assigned a dedicated Client Manager to support the HSOA branch network," said Waldhsan, "which really frees up the corporate marketing team to focus on higher-level initiatives.” “Our Client Manager has been extremely helpful in getting our centralized solution up and running," said Young. “She offers our branch network invaluable advice regarding the criteria they should select when building their lists and is committed to ensuring the success of their direct marketing campaigns.” One of the most significant benefits of this solution is the volume pricing we were able to negotiate with Tranzact Information Services. We were able to aggregate individual branch orders to achieve a very cost-effective price per record.” “Our online count and fulfillment platform offers mid- to large-sized financial institutions a powerful centralized marketing solution,” said Waldshan. “As the mortgage industry continues to re-evolve, and branch networks become more prolific, this solution will provide a powerful answer to an emerging and growing need in the marketplace.” For more information, visit or
Oct 20, 2010
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