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Wipro Gallagher Partners With ComplianceEase
Oct 25, 2010

Franklin, Tenn.-based Wipro Gallagher Solutions (WGS), a provider of cost-effective, end-to-end loan origination technology and services for financial organizations, has announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with San Francisco-based ComplianceEase, an automated compliance and risk management provider to the financial services industry. The partnership creates a seamless integration of mortgage lending compliance audits from ComplianceEase into the WGS fully automated loan origination system (LOS), NetOxygen.  The partnership enables customers to take advantage of NetOxygen’s robust functionality for lead management and workflow management while relying on ComplianceEase’s ComplianceAnalyzer for real-time compliance audits that immediately identify loans with potential compliance issues and allow users to review detailed analysis and explanations of failures. This partnership saves NetOxygen users time and helps them to reduce risk by enabling seamless predatory lending and license-based consumer credit compliance checks at any point in the lending process without the need to rely on manual processes that can be prone to human error. “Our alliance with ComplianceEase gives our users the assurance of keeping up with the ever-changing federal- and state-specific regulations,” said Anil Raibagi, general manager and business head at WGS. “Integrating NetOxygen and ComplianceAnalyzer creates a best-of-breed product, which enhances the functionalities of both products and brings more value to our own customers,” said Jason Roth, senior vice president at ComplianceEase. WGS’ Web-based NetOxygen system is fully automated and guides lenders through every step of the lending process. NetOxygen enables lenders to take advantage of a streamlined service to enter, monitor and maintain loans through a scalable platform hosted by WGS or set up at a location of choice. ComplianceAnalyzer provides hosted, enterprise mortgage compliance audits that run at multiple points in the mortgage process for comprehensive yet cost-effective compliance risk management. In addition, mortgage regulators across the United States use ComplianceAnalyzer to examine the lending operations of state-regulated lenders. This partnership allows NetOxygen clients to perform the same seamless predatory lending and consumer credit compliance checks as regulators, at any point in the lending process. For more information, visit or  
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