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Calyx and CCMC Announce Strategic Alliance Aimed at Workflow Efficiency
Nov 23, 2010

Calyx Software has announced a strategic alliance with CCMC to provide interfaces with other critical systems such as core processing, core servicing or back-office software. CCMC’s bridge products will enable even more efficient workflow and increased productivity for financial institutions using Calyx for their mortgage platform as information is easily shared between systems. Calyx mortgage solutions combine the latest technology with the functionality that mortgage professionals require for loan marketing, prequalification, origination, and processing. As a robust server-based solution designed with added security required by financial institutions, PointCentral protects business integrity from the simplest access restriction to ensuring that all employees follow specified business rules--all with the easy-to-use screens and compliance features of Point that meet the needs of all mortgage professionals. CCMC provides bridge solutions that link core banking systems with specialty applications such as Point and PointCentral, providing a streamlined data flow backed by a sophisticated middleware engine that ensures that transactions are complete and error free as they are shared across multiple software applications. CCMC bridge solutions also connect Calyx Software products with back-office software used by many mortgage banks. Additionally, CCMC can build a customized bridge from any other critical system to Point or PointCentral, giving all financial institutions the opportunity to utilize the number one mortgage platform in the nation with the end-to-end functionality, efficiency, and data flow they need to increase productivity. “I am very excited about our alliance with CCMC,” said Wade Brantley, national sales director for Calyx Software. “Many of our clients operate in sophisticated environments and need to bridge Calyx with other critical business software. CCMC provides us with a highly respected and talented bridge builder. Our clients have been thrilled with the results as Calyx continues to reap market share gains with mortgage banks, banks and credit unions.” CCMC-BridgeWare products meet the mortgage industry’s need for fast electronic processing. The ability to move information bi-directionally between systems quickly using CCMC’s hands-free connectivity gives Calyx users a competitive advantage in both productivity and overall cost savings. “Competition and industry regulations have developed a need for real-time information exchange between systems,” said Dana Giesler, vice-president of sales for CCMC. “Bridging critical systems with Calyx products gives Calyx clients the fast, accurate data flow that will keep them competitive.” For more information, visit or
Nov 23, 2010
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