XINNIX Announces FHA Training Course for Loan Originators

XINNIX Announces FHA Training Course for Loan Originators

January 5, 2011

XINNIX, a provider of interactive online training for mortgage sales and leadership development programs, has announced the availability of its Federal Housing Administration (FHA) training course for loan officers. This Web-based class provides loan officers with a working knowledge of FHA lending guidelines. The current lending climate has seen a sharp increase in the demand for FHA loans. With interest rates rising and refinance activity on the decline, FHA lending will remain a preferred option throughout the next year. To capitalize on this market opportunity, loan officers must cultivate and actively demonstrate a working knowledge of FHA guidelines.
XINNIX’s four-part training course helps loan officers understand FHA general guidelines, including applications, disclosures, lending limits, eligible properties, underwriting requirements and refinancing. Loan officers walk away from XINNIX’ FHA course with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of FHA versus conventional lending. The course concludes with a comprehensive test to validate the knowledge gained on FHA.
“The demand for loan officers well-versed in the nuances of FHA lending is critical to address this upward trend,” said Casey Cunningham, president of XINNIX. “The successful loan officer must have FHA lending knowledge in their repertoire. Our FHA course was designed to empower loan officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist borrowers that qualify for FHA loans.”
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