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Lenders One Announces LendRIGHT: The Mortgage Industry Seal of Excellence

Jan 05, 2011

Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative, an alliance of community mortgage bankers, correspondent lenders and suppliers of mortgage products and services, has announced a new national marketing campaign to establish a seal of excellence for the mortgage industry. The LendRIGHT commitment is intended to create a distinct point of differentiation among lenders offering home mortgages. The LendRIGHT program is designed to allow consumers to easily recognize lenders who are committed to providing a premium level of service, expertise and ethics in communities around the country. The LendRIGHT mark will indicate to consumers that participating Members of the Lenders One mortgage cooperative have pledged to pursue operational integrity and customer service excellence. “We want to restore confidence in the mortgage industry and assure consumers that these lenders have vowed to provide the highest levels of quality and performance,” said Scott Stern, Lenders One chief executive officer. “Borrowers should be confident that the company they select for home financing is committed to maintaining the utmost standards in terms of education, training, compliance, fiscal responsibility and service. LendRIGHT lenders offer that assurance.” Before receiving the LendRIGHT designation, lenders make a pledge to maintain their pursuit of excellence by fulfilling the qualities defined in the acronym representing the “right” in LendRIGHT, which indicates a firm belief in a process built around the consumer: ►Relationships: Working with you to help you identify the right loan; ►Information: Sharing what we know to help you understand your options; ►Guidance: Providing advice to help you make good choices; ►Honesty: Communicating and responding to your needs in an open manner, and ►Trust: Working to take care of the details to help you close on time. “We are determined to provide consumers with the ultimate experience of service and integrity, especially since buying a home is the single largest investment many of them will make,” Stern said. “Now is the time to demonstrate that there are lenders who care about doing business the right way, the LendRIGHT way.” The program will be supported by a campaign that includes a robust national media program, as well as local-market implementation tools, for LendRIGHT lenders to leverage the mark and effectively differentiate themselves. A national Web site ( will help direct consumers to their local LendRIGHT lender and provide resources to assist them with learning more about the mortgage process. LendRIGHT lenders also will have tools in place to further educate consumers about the processes and services that should be expected from a mortgage provider. For more information, visit or
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