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Docu Prep Celebrates Its 25th Year in 2011
Jan 07, 2011

Ushering in 2011 for Docu Prep, means a quarter century of progressive document technologies, superb customer service, and reliable regulatory compliance. “We are excited to celebrate 25 years in the mortgage industry,” said Scott Buchanan, president of Docu Prep. “While watching the mortgage industry evolve, we continue to provide our customers with quality service, the latest technology, and compliance to ever changing federal and state regulations.” Senior Analyst Dorothy Urbom, one of Docu Prep’s original employees, has witnessed more than two decades of changes and improvements. “I remember receiving requests through thermal fax, then having to print on site and send packages via overnight delivery or local courier services. Now we have enhanced cloud technology, our Entire Electronic Signature Solution product and strong integrations in the industry. It’s remarkable to see the vast changes in just 25 years.” Docu Prep continues to serve customers that have remained with the company since its opening. “Having faithful customers has created a strong bond, which has enabled us to listen and develop technology which fits a wide array of customers and operations,” said Ed Wallace, Jr., Ph.D., chief integration officer. “We have always believed listening to the users instead of focusing on internal operations has kept us ahead of the curve in compliance and technology.” For more information, visit
Jan 07, 2011
A License Renewal Program That Works

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Housing Industry Groups Raise Concerns About BABA

24 organizations send letter to Biden Administration saying act could negatively affect development of affordable housing.

MISMO Seeks Comment On Updated Industry Loan Application Dataset

Wants feedback on the latest version of its Life of Loan Process Model. 

U.S. 2nd Circuit Appeals Court Rules CFPB Constitutional

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Mar 23, 2023
ICE, Black Knight Officially Respond To FTC Bid To Block Merger

Companies say planned sale of Black Knight's Empower LOS resolves any antitrust concerns.

Fed OKs 9th Rate Hike In 12 Months

Boosts federal funds rate by another 25 basis points.