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MortgageDashboard Launches New Online Community

Feb 02, 2011

MortgageDashboard, an on-demand loan origination system enabling straight-through, paperless mortgage processing for lenders, credit unions and banks, has announced the launch of its new online community at The site offers all of the typical marketing and tech support material you would expect from one of the industry's top technology vendors, but then adds an online community that promises clients and prospects much more. “We are excited to unveil our new website as it marks a new chapter in client relations,” said Rory Lane, director of community engagement at MortgageDashboard. “Tech support is critical to our clients, but in today’s environment, the information we offer through the site’s growing community will help our customers make the most of our technology and develop their loan officers. I look forward to taking the lead role in building this out.” More than just an explanation of company offerings, the new website features a great deal of multimedia content and training material in the Learning Center, as well as a community page with blogs and forums that encourage clients to take a more active role in their relationship with MortgageDashboard and each other. For fun, the software designers at MortgageDashboard have also buried within the Web site a retro arcade that features a number of video games from the 1980s to help loan officers recuperate in short bursts before getting back to moving deals swiftly through MortgageDashboard in an efficient, straight-through manner. “We have a lot of fun here,” said Rene Rodriguez, chief executive officer of MortgageDashboard. “But we take success very seriously. This new Web site will be an important tool for our customers and the training opportunities and community interaction available here will make them more effective at using our software and more importantly, closing more loans.” For more information, visit
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